U. S. Highway 192

The heart of the Disney® Resort Area
The Fun Place to Play and Stay in Central Florida

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This site shows the locations of businesses on the 192 Resort Area tourist corridor which is right in the middle of everything ..... the state, attractions, beaches. The 192 Resort Area has been known through the years as having everything to fit everyone's travel budget.

The heart of this site is an interactive map of the 192 Resort Area. You can even print this map for your future reference. See 360º panoramas at different spots up and down the corridor. The map utilizes the unique GuideMarker Navigational System. See where the hotels and restaurants are. There is information about some of the participating businesses that contain mini-web pages full of information, pictures, virtual tours to general descriptions.

Prior to 2001, the area just grew haphazardly. The formation of a Chamber of Commerce brought organization to the area and the decision was made to improve the area's appearance and make it easier to navigate. So a $23 Million Beautification project was undertaken. It is called the 192 BeautiVacation project. It is now complete from Marker 4 to 12. This area is absolutely gorgeous .... making it the envy of many tourist destinations. The beautification was not only meant to improve the aesthetics of the area, but to increase the safety of visitors.

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